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About John-Roy Photography

Photography is the greatest form of self expression. It communicates with my soul; a kind of a “catharsis scream”. This offers me a mental release from my professional career. After using my right brain all day, it is nice to use my left brain to create something meaningful. This brings a yin and yang to my life. When I pick up my camera after work, I prefer to shoot inanimate objects. Using light, shadows and selective focus, I am attempting to give the objects a life force; allowing them to tell a story. Because of this, I sometimes tend to become lost in my perception of light and shadows. It allows me to constantly visualize different angles and perspectives of spaces and even people around me. When I photograph people, I am drawn to capturing them in communal areas. I usually try and catch people off guard to create a pensive state of being which is a window into their souls. You would be surprised how much people tend to let their guard down and become relaxed when they think no one is watching. (Ever notice how differently children behave when they know they are being watched?) I’ve come to this place of artistic expression after experimenting with several other approaches to photography. I finally listened to an art director and a close friend of mine and I redirected my work to reflect my own true artistic expression.

My website

I am in the process of updating my website and moving it to a new server.  In the mean time, I have forwarded it to my blog.     

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All work and no play make John something, something

Before Saturday, I have not shot anything in a very long time.  I felt like a crack whore going though withdrawal.  Like I have said before, shooting is very important to me. It  brings balance to my life.  I wish that I … Continue reading

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I would have to say that the one of the biggest thing that inspires me to be a better photographer is a scene from the movie “Walk the Line.”  It is the scene when Johnny Cash and his band are attempting … Continue reading

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My personal photography rules (Remember in photography, rules aren’t laws)

1. Throw out the rule book. (Kind of an oxymoron here) 2. Follow your gut. I was doing a job for a client who wanted images taken of one of their trucks taken in front of their building. And when … Continue reading

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Shawshank Redemption

This is one of my favorite movies Shawshank Redemption,  There is a line here in the movie that most people miss.  When Andy says that he is going to get out of the prison Red tells him that it is … Continue reading

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Below is a video of Ira Glass,  he is a veteran radio personality and host of This American Life on National Public Radio,  giving great advice to become a great story-teller. I think that Ira has an amazing insight.  I would recommend looking at … Continue reading

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A Darkness Visible: Afghanistan

Everyone talks about the war in Afghanistan  but few people take a look at whole thing at the human level. I think that  Seamus Murphy  does this extremely well in this documentary film produced by Media Storm

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